Wig Construction Fee

Wig Construction Fee

  • $180.00

With this service You provide the hair
Amount of hair needed:
  • 14" and under we recommend 2 bundles
  • 16-18" we recommend 3 bundles
  • 20-24" we recommend 3-4 bundles
  • 26" and over we recommend 4 bundles

*We DO NOT accept used bundles, closures or frontals

What's included with this service:

  • Unit made on a dome cap with a sewing machine
  • Unit made using your head circumference measurements you select when ordering
  • Knots Bleached
  • Hairline plucked
  • Unit is styled
  • Baby Hair (optional)
  • Elastic Band
  • Wig Comb

*Disclaimer: Depending on the quality of your hair, results may vary. Lower quality hair will not give you the same results as higher quality hair. Low quality lace products may not take well to bleach therefore preventing you from getting that flawless scalp illusion.

The Process

  1. You add the wig construction fee to your cart, select your circumference size, type of wig and pay for the service.
  2. You need to then ship your hair to us at:                                                           Rich Texture Hair                                                                        PO Box 1017                                                                       New Castle, DE 19720
  3. When you ship your hair make sure that you get the tracking number for your shipment.
  4. Send us an email to richtexturehair@gmail.com with your tracking info. Make sure you include your order# in the email.
  5. Once we receive your hair your wig will be made.
  6. Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.
  7. After your wig is complete, it will be shipped via UPS shipping and you will receive a tracking number.

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